WaterFX Solar Thermal Desalination Plant

Project Facts:
Location: California, USA
SkyTrough® SCAs: 1
Total Aperture Area: 656 m2
Design-Point Energy Output: 0.48 MWth
Project EPC: Mcelvaney

SkyFuel installed a single SkyTrough SCA for a pilot desalination project just outside of Fresno, California as part of the U.S.’s first solar-driven desalination plant. The project was developed by ATSI and was funded by the local water agency. Its purpose is to demonstrate the viability of brine water purification for agricultural use utilizing solar-derived thermal energy.

The Fresno pilot system uses a multi-phase evaporation process and produces approximately 10/gallons per minute for 17 hours a day, yielding roughly 10,000 gallons of distilled water daily. The system was completed in August 2013, and is operating at design point output.

The developer of the project and desalination technology provider is WaterFX. Essential components for the collector was manufactured by SkyFuel in Denver, Colorado, USA.

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