Stillwater Geothermal Boost

Project Facts:
Location: Nevada, USA
SkyTrough® SCAs: 44
Total Aperture Area: 28,864 m2
Design-Point Energy Output: 17 MWth
Project EPC: Power Engineers / TBC

When Enel Green Power integrated a SkyTrough solar thermal system to their existing power plant in Stillwater, Nevada, it became the very first triple hybrid powerplant in the world, combining geothermal, photovoltaic and solar thermal power generation. Forty-Four SkyTrough SCAs are arranged in 11 loops of 4 collectors each to supply 72 kg/s of demineralized water at 160 °C (320 °F) to a water/geothermal brine heat exchanger. The heated water acts as a temperature boost to increase the utilization of the existing power system. The plant entered full operation in 2015.

The detailed design of the solar field, as well as balance of field and construction, was provided by Power Engineers and TBC. Essential components for these collectors were manufactured by SkyFuel in Denver, Colorado, USA.