Project Facts:
Location: California, USA
SkyTrough® SCAs: 3
Total Aperture Area: 1,476 m2
Design-Point Energy Output: 1.08 MWth
Project EPC: SkyFuel, Inc.

A single thermal loop consisting of three SkyTrough SCAs providing approximately 1 MWth at design conditions, was installed at Solar Electric Generating Station II (SEGS II) in Daggett, California. The system has been in continuous operation, providing heat to the existing SEGS II power block, since February, 2010.

The collector loop was assembled by an independent contractor under SkyFuel supervision to demonstrate the ease of installation and further refine installation processes and procedures. The solar field computer communicates with, and is under the control of the SEGS II system operator. Detailed performance data is collected automatically and provided to SkyFuel and the SEGS II operator.

Independent engineering firm Sargent & Lundy validated the performance of the collector loop and compared it to predicted performance model, taking into account the weather data collected in real time at the site. The performance model was based on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) measurements of the collector module’s optical efficiency and receiver heat loss.

Essential components for these collectors were manufactured by SkyFuel in Denver, Colorado, USA.