SkyTrough®DSP Direct Molten Salt Test Loop

Project Facts:
Location: Colorado, USA
SkyTrough®DSP SCAs: 1
Total Aperture Area: 104 m2
Design-Point Energy Output: 0.08 MWTH
Project EPC: SkyFuel, Inc.

As part of the Department of Energy‘s SunShot Initiative, SkyFuel installed a single prototype module of of SkyTroughDSP at the SkyFuel demo site in Denver, Colorado in 2013. The project was initiated to test the performance of SkyTroughDSP’s prototype parabolic trough collector, which features a 7.6 meter aperture. The system features direct molten salt operation and uses receivers from Schott Solar.

This test platform began operation at the end of 2013 and is still active with a host of research and development being conducted to develop and continuously improve our commercial-ready SkyTroughDSP. The focus of the R&D is to validate a variety of molten salt SCA components and system operational methodologies.

The detailed design of the system, as well as balance of field and construction was provided by SkyFuel. All components of this collector was manufactured by SkyFuel in Denver, Colorado, USA.