Stand-Alone Power Generation

For utility-grade electricity generation, SkyTrough® and SkyTrough®DSP systems can be configured as “stand-alone” solar power plants which are designed and constructed to primarily use solar radiation for generating power (if desired, back-up capability can be provided by another fuel, such as natural gas).

The Solar Electric Generating Systems (SEGS) plants in California’s Mojave Desert – a 354 MWe cluster of nine parabolic trough plants – which include the first commercial deployment of SkyTrough collectors (at the Sunray Energy Plant, formerly SEGS II) – are a prominent and pioneering example of this configuration.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

All stand-alone concentrated solar power plants convert thermal power to electricity. Not all the heat can be utilized; therefore, there is an opportunity to capture the heat rejected from the power cycle and utilize that heat for additional processes. Making dual use of the heat produced is called Combined Heat and Power (CHP). The heat can be used in direct or process heating.