Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC)

Solar generated steam, augmented by hot exhaust from the gas turbine, drives a steam turbine.

The steam produced by SkyTrough® or SkyTrough®DSP solar field is especially complimentary with certain natural gas combined cycle power plants; a combination referred to as integrated solar combined cycle (ISCC). When a host plant uses solar generated steam to displace natural gas fired steam, it saves on fuel costs and cuts emissions of CO2 and other harmful pollutants. Solar fields can be retrofitted to existing combined cycle facilities, or planned as part of new projects.

The ISCC application is able to produce low-cost solar electricity because existing infrastructure is used in a highly efficient way. A combined cycle plant with duct burners will typically have excess capacity in its steam turbine; therefore, the plant can accommodate additional steam produced even while the duct burners are operating. In an ISCC system, the plant can accept solar-generated steam when it is available but also run its duct burners to provide firm peaking energy in the absence of available solar-generated steam.

  • More power is produced than with gas alone
  • Multiple configuration/integration options
  • Solar heat can be used between 350 °C and 550 °C