SkyTrough® and SkyTrough®DSP parabolic trough concentrating solar collectors capture and concentrate solar radiation to produce thermal energy. The resulting thermal energy can be used in collaboration with existing systems, such as coal, natural gas, biomass, and geothermal plants and reduce energy usage of plants on their own in the generation of electricity. The thermal energy can also be used in large standalone power plants for generating electricity as a clean, renewable power source, 24/7.

SkyTrough and SkyTroughDSP systems are also ideally suited for delivering heat or steam to industrial, mining and manufacturing processes as well as waste-water treatment and desalination. SkyTrough and SkyTroughDSP can also be used to efficiently heat water for large commercial or institutional facilities which require large volumes of hot water.


SkyTrough and SkyTroughDSP technology can produce and deliver heat or steam that can be integrated with existing and new thermal power plants, including those powered by coal, natural gas (combined cycle and boiler), biomass and geothermal.

Advantages of solar thermal power integration:
  • Fuel cost of generated electricity is reduced
  • Plant efficiency is increased
  • Minimal additional plant staff
  • No new electrical interconnect