SkyFuel, Inc. (SkyFuel) is the solar thermal technology arm of the Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group Co., Ltd. (Kaidi), a multi-billion dollar energy company based in Wuhan, China. Founded in 2007 by an innovative group of Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (CSP) industry professionals, SkyFuel was acquired by Kaidi in 2015. SkyFuel’s research and development headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado.

SkyFuel designs, manufactures and deploys complete solar field solutions featuring the innovative SkyTrough® and SkyTrough®DSP parabolic trough concentrating solar collectors. SkyFuel collectors harness solar radiation to produce steam for utility-grade hybrid electricity generation and industrial applications. Through a collaboration with Kaidi and other partners, SkyFuel has the capability to deliver preliminary engineering or turnkey solar fields packaged with SkyTrough or SkyTroughDSP collectors to projects globally. SkyFuel’s award-winning solar collectors, SkyTrough and SkyTroughDSP, were engineered to minimize the cost of solar heat produced, making it the highest performance and lowest cost solar thermal power system in the world.


SkyFuel holds the exclusive worldwide license to manufacture and market the industry’s-leading high reflectance silver-polymer film, ReflecTech® Mirror Film. ReflecTech was jointly developed with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) with the goal of reducing the costs of solar thermal technology and maintaining the reflectivity of glass mirrors. With its multiple protective polymer layers and abrasion resistant hard coat, ReflecTech has proven to be durable in outdoor environments for decades. This film is an ideal mirror surface when laminated to a metal substrate, primarily used in single curvature solar technologies such as SkyTrough and SkyTroughDSP.

The SkyFuel team is composed of highly motivated and experienced professionals with backgrounds in solar and conventional power, electrical, mechanical and structural engineering, systems integration, materials science, business, finance, energy markets, and environmental protection.