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Founded by an innovative group of CSP industry professionals in Denver, Colorado in 2007, SkyFuel, Inc. designs, manufactures and deploys complete solar field solutions featuring the award-winning SkyTrough® and SkyTrough®DSP parabolic trough concentrating solar collectors. SkyFuel continues to innovate, remaining the leader in non-glass parabolic trough technology, producing the highest performance, lowest cost CSP collector in the market.

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Next Generation Solar Parabolic Trough Technology


The Future of Parabolic Trough Technology


The World's Leading High Reflectance Film for Outdoor Solar Applications


Brighter Than a Hundred Suns

Concentrated solar power (CSP) is the process of using a highly reflective surface or lenses to concentrate a larger area of sunlight onto a small area. CSP systems use mirrors to focus solar radiation on a thermal receiver to heat a fluid for use directly in a process or to make steam and generate electricity as part of a hybrid system or through a steam turbine in a standalone system.

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